I call myself J…

by jlkgreystone

I call myself JLKGreystone – a common laborer, because greystones are common in the world as are laborers.  I have been a ‘truth seeker’ for over 35 years; ever since the day I saw the matrix briefly unveiled.  Of course my doctors called it a psychotic break, a ‘nervous breakdown, and what I saw was a hallucination, but once you’ve seen something real or imagined it nevertheless imprints itself onto your memory and you never forget it, that is unless it really was a psychotic break in which case you can never remember it.  All I can say for sure is I’ve never forgotten it and since observing it I’ve pursued an answer that I can’t quiet put in a question, as if there is a block from realization of the question in my mind and the ability to place it in type or word.  Reading provides key components to the formation of the proper question so I thought I might wander this path for a while to see how complete the answer becomes and if it is reflected in what I write.

For the record I am just a common laborer with a haphazard, self taught, college inspired classical western education who read mostly comic books when growing up and all the library books assigned for summer reading.  I guess that dates me doesn’t it?  I always talked about what I read and made conclusions about the validity of the enlightenment and entertainment provide by what I read.  My grandmother would tell me, “You know what your problem is JLKGreystone, you think too much.”  People who like me tell me I talk too much about what I think.  People who don’t like me tell me to shut up.  All of them of course are like me, a common laborer.   Nevertheless I don’t expect to have much traffic here for this is just a place where I post my random thoughts about what I have read.  I guess it is okay for you to tell me I think too much, and talk about what I think too much, and of course to shut up, that is the nature of public discourse; and to the best of my knowledge this is a place for public discourse.  Of course for the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon and reads what I post here I intend to include the link to what I’ve read that inspired the random thought just in case you want to see if I’m opinionating or ranting.  Contrary to the theme of the blog no great manifest on anything will come from me.  For me, ‘manifest’ implies an objective truth to appear or be revealed in a sense I can relate to and recognized as a ‘truth’, knowing full well all ‘truth’ is subjective and in the end only a matter of faith exclusively.