Random Musings About the Mundane

by jlkgreystone


Thank you water, for without you there would be no beer.  Thank you Divine Essences’, for without you there would be no water. 

The original ‘I Have No Regrets” was lost to a mixture of obsolete technology namely a Dell E520 Series computer with a fickle ADM video processor, cultural differences, and language barriers assisted by a Windows 8 Pro installation.  What a deal only $39.99 plus shipping and handling.  All it cost me in terms of memories was the last three years of my life in writings and pictures; then again maybe the last three years of my life was only worth $39.99 plus shipping and handling.  Maybe god used Microsoft to erase some bad pictures and writings of mine that would have been embarrassing to me, or friends and family somewhere down the path to life’s completion.

 Gotta admit, I like Windows 8 Pro so far, there are a few time consuming matters I’m not particularly fond of, including the lost of so much that was worth more than $39.99 to me, but over all does liking Window’s 8 after all that make me a psychopath?  That is the real question, because I like what for a brief moment I hated and blamed everything else in the world after blaming myself unabashedly for the lost of so much for so little a cost in terms of currency.  After the first blast of controlled obscenity the cat hid for the day and the red head split; missing having a home cooked dinner with the red head was another cost to the price of advancing technology.  Good thing Bill Gates wasn’t a neighbor.  There might have been some real headline news on MSNBC about a recall of Window’s 8 Pro do to unforeseen security flaws like the kind of headlines that read “Dog Shit On Hayride Last Straw, Neighbor Shots Competing Hayride Operating Neighbor.”

Oh well, life marches on as they say around here, perhaps I can recreate some writings but digital captures of moment in time that photos represent are now lost to time forever and the storage areas of my mind, which is fading like an old Kodak Chrome printed picture.


Mine is a story often told but seldom documented.  You usually hear this story from a lonely looking individual whose has become too acquainted with a bar stool in a local dive to have any real friends. A seat in the middle where memories flow, and little is ever remember by those who hear the echoes of someone’s yesterday’s nightmares or dreams and visions of tomorrow morning.

I don’t frequent the bars anymore, because I’ve run out of people who’ll listen to me after I’ve drank enough to tear down the blocks in my mind that keep me from talking.  My tales are too fantastic, and are attributed to a ‘troubled’ and ‘delusional’ mind.  No, instead I stay at home and drink cheaply while sitting in my own bar stool choice, and talk to myself; you see I’m the only one who’ll listen to me anymore.

There are many things occurring in the world today, most are tragic and preventable, few celebrate the glory of humanity in the creation of the divine, the majority of events celebrate the inglorious exploits of our celebrity leaders from religions to sports, sports to politics and war, then back again to celebrity.  And, the defenders of freedom, the ‘Free Press’ celebrate the celebrity and feed it all to us slanted ever so slightly so the truly dumber down could understand ‘reality’ as it is 24/7.  Except lately its been more in your face blatant. And with an exception of perhaps 2% of the population we have all been dumber down.  And, .25% of the 2% think they are ordained by God to be as they are and to keep what is taken.

The rush and infusion of all these audio-visual stimulations surrounding us today reminds me of the scene where Alex, the protagonist, is treated for his ultra-violence tendencies in “A Clockwork Orange.”  While the treatment did not work for Alex because he was a true and pure psychopath it did work for the masses, and today, unless called upon by God and Country, we are Alex cured; we are  individuals vicariously experiencing violence without the bloody mess and carnage and we feel fine.  We are so fragilely fine with the good feelings that we dare not hear disturbing speculation about what can never happen actually happening.  But, subtlety is everything isn’t it Edward Béarnaise?

I suppose by now as the WYFI grid has grown, turning off the television will have little effect on the outcome of the conclusions anymore.  We all vibrate at some frequency and WYFI slices though those frequencies broadly; WYFI not just for telephones and computers, dummy.  “



The majority thought rules, has always ruled and will always rule society; even if the majority believes that each individual must be awake and responsible on an individual basis for the consequences of their actions, it is the majority thought that rules.  Unfortunately today the world is not ruled by the majority thought; it is not even ruled by a consensus of thought from the majority.  It is ruled by a hierarchy of thought that creates the consensus in the majority for political and economic reasons, or better put, greed and power for a few at the expense of the many.  As one of humanity’s nemesis from the last century said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” It works and why does this work?  Because my friend it is easier to die happy in the service of the lie then to be executed by majority consensus for knowing the lie to be what it is.  The only way to change this is to be willing to die for what you believe is the truth; and isn’t it funny that the only way to maintain the status quo is to be willing to die for what you believe is the truth?  It would seem we are captured, coming and going by a hierarchy that creates the ‘lie’.  Fortunately there are human beings who do find it a better lived life to be executed by the majority consensus for knowing the lie to be what it is and take their chances on there being a higher order of things beyond this reality. Because of them there is hope in us.  Therein lies the rub that irritates the elite and they have yet found a way that eradicates that type of individual from society.






The true powers that be, are ordained by God, but not all powers that be are ordained; and that’s where I think the Christians got it wrong and took it out of a content of words now lost to translation that would reveal a different context.  But of course, that is only my opinion and take on things.

One of the true powers ordained by God is free will.  While we have free will as a power ordained by God, we never exercise it freely.  We never exercise freely because we are forever offered only two choices, white or black, good or evil, fear or love, hate or justice.  How can it be ‘free will’ the choices we make when the only choices are either, or?

In my reality, truth and knowledge are gray; my religion is gray.  I have learned that to exercise the power of free will I must suppress the passions that are generated by the arguments of black and white. This is one of the tenets of my religion for one, and it is also the stuck door that jams the way to my awaking.  That is why I think that as a species we find it better to die in service of the lie then to die by embracing the lie and revealing it for what it is, because such death is a sad and lonely one, just ask Jesus Christ. 

I do believe it will take a cosmic coincidence leading to a global calamity that cause us all to look twice before embracing the mind speak of the ‘powers ordained by god’ again; that is if we survive the current ordeal.  These aristocrats paint the reality for us with pixels of emptiness devoid of truth or clarity, and then fill us with this ‘truth of reality’ created by what is called main stream media.  Not a very noble aristocratic act is it?  What god ordained these 21st century aristocrats?

Everywhere we look or listen, touch, taste, or smell, is manipulated to perpetuate consumption therefore, our acceptance of it as ‘reality’ cannot be construed as a ‘free will choice’.  We are not locus.  Nevertheless, responsibility remains on us individually to merge the black and white into gray there by seeing the light.  Those who choose not to accept that responsibility, or can’t will do it all over again, perhaps in a different way and achieve a better out come next time around.   This awakening happens every 26,000 years, right, or in reality is a daily affaire?  I think the latter be more true than the former when it comes to individual awakening.

The light will not be found in the light. Jesus said something like that in one of his parables.  It is time to call off the search for light in all the lit places and enter the dark courtyard square to challenge the ‘ordained light’ to reveal its darkness.  I think, once there I will lift the basket off the lamp to free the light, and in appreciation, the light will reveal a key that will open a door in this house  built by M.C. Escher we call reality. It will be a door to a hallway that leads to rooms of new experiences on the way to awakening.  But, could you please tell me in which direction the foyer to the courtyard square lies?


It would appear resistance is futile.  Unless you are naturally immune to mind control, becoming mind controlled is an inevitable consequence of having been born during in the last 67 years.   And if you are immune to mind control then you can rest assured that somewhere there is a logarithm figuring out your where abouts so when the time arrives to declare victory they can send an armored limo for your ride to the train station where your box car accommodations awaits you.  But, then again maybe there is a switch that the mind overloads aren’t aware of, one where once flipped reinforces the idea that even the best laid plans of mice and men fail; and assume the ‘opposition’ which they also don’t know exist,  controls the location of the switch.  It is still paramount upon us all that we take responsibility for the world around us and see with open eyes why the crumbling of the illusion around us, is not one to fear.  There is always pain in birth, and if this birth is natural there will be pain.  The civilization is dead! Long live the civilization!



Did the magic mushroom create the Illuminati?  If there is such a thing as an Illuminati bloodline, and if they do have an agenda, then this bloodline has existed for many millennium and they have artificially constructed their DNA hierarchy, which speaking in an evolutionary sense, makes it a flawed hierarchy.   Did they become as they are because of too many bad trips?  In my opinion they most certainly have changed the matrix from a pleasant growing experience into a bad trip making many wonder why they were ever born.

 But even if I did believe there were Illuminati I could not bring myself to believe that there is only one breed or bloodline of Illuminati.  Nature doesn’t discriminate; it balances although its methods of balance can sometimes be confused with discrimination.  There must be a natural ‘Illuminated’ in completion with the artificial Illuminati for control of the agenda unveiling before us.  Or, in my opinion there could be no balance to reality if there were not a naturally evolving Illuminated bloodline.  There could be no hope for humanity without the assistance of aliens, gods or mushrooms to ever overcome our ‘masters’ because we have become the new world order’s deltas’ drones artificially genetically manipulated consumers.

However I think a new order of the ages is inevitable and should not be feared.  It is long overdue that humanity should live in peace, progress and prosperity with each other in a world with no borders, but not as serfs of consumption; a world that guarantees through constitution and law our Divinely endowed rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, regardless of race, creed or color that were granted when something or someone went bang and kicked off the universe. 

No it is not the new order of the ages that is coming that causes me concern, it is which illuminated bloodline will rule it.  Will it be the flawed artificially created Illuminati born of bad trips from mushrooms or the naturally created Illuminated the mushrooms favored?  A natural Illuminated would be an inevitable event if there were any truth to evolutionary theory.  It is my opinion that if only the human genetically manipulated Illuminati exist, then all humanity has to look forward to is the continued destruction of the world in the interests of inbreeds kings, the gods they worship, and our continuing sacrifice for god and country with our blood in defense of the ‘king’.

We are more than that; I know we are, but will we ever collectively believe it without the crutch of god, king or mushroom to lean on?  I hope so.  The old order is dead! Long live the new order!