Syria, lies exposed, broken paradigms, dead pigs

by jlkgreystone

There has not been enough truth spoken from the summits of power these last 50 years to make any evidence acceptable, except on faith; and I have little faith in the institutions that support the summits of power to provide truth, and not faith, to make evidence from either venue proof of action required to be taken for crossing the ‘red line’. The actions of government, not only the government of The United States of America, no longer represent the will of the people they govern.  Or, do they?

I know I am not alone in these feelings.  You can dumb down a people, but that doesn’t make them stupid, it only makes them uneducated.  Therein is the rub to the matrix; people have been so disillusioned by faith for so long, that they are starting to educate themselves so they can sort out the spin and the outright lies from the truth that actually supports the evidence.  This under reported phenomenon among the sheeple has nearly punched a hole into the matrix.  The solution of the matrix is to shut off the ability of people to self education.  How will the matrix do this? By destroying the systems that provides the support necessary to allow a people to self educate and this done by fiat wars in strategic locations.  Fiat wars that will lead to a catastrophic disruption of energy resources that supports the grid that maintains the sources of self education while at the same time dealing a death blow to extremism.

This catastrophic disruption will put an end to the clamoring of Jewish, Christian and Islamic fundamentalist and their followers whose ramblings on about a better world to come after the Armageddon discover that God had nothing to do with the destruction that occurs in the aftermath of Syria beings bombed, too many ideologies clashing in one place, too much face to save by governments that no longer represent their people.  When neither Emanuel, Jesus, the 12th Al-Mahdi, nor the great space alien brotherhood come to save us from ourselves and usher in a 1000 years of peace, progress, and prosperity for all that were saved there will be a ‘great awakening’.  None will be ‘saved’ but there will be survivors, the matrix needs us and the survivors will come to realize we did it, it was our Armageddon. Because ultimately we control the matrix, the matrix does what we really want it to do and the matrix believes we want a new world order.  The truth is, we do, we are just not sure what order it is we want.

While I do not subscribe too much of the New Age thinking, it did have at least one unintended consequence, it sent some people on a truth quest, more people than suspected would actually journey the paths to enlightenment.  What does that mean in the grand scheme of things?  This is like a self replicating virus to the matrix so only time will tell.  It may make the difference between chaotic order, ordered chaos, or balance in the next generation of the matrix we create and live in.