2012-13 Catastrophic or Positive Future Timeline with Alfred Lambremont Werbe

by jlkgreystone


Comments I Posted To The Video

 Annunaki bloodlines, if they exist, are they all evil bound and determined to establish a catastrophic timeline? Let’s speculate that not all descendents of ancient bloodlines are wedded to the catastrophic timeline. Let us further speculate that for the most part they are common laborers, part of the surplus people, sleeper cells in plain view.  Finally let us speculate the sleepers have awoken.  Yes, the war is on and the separation is occurring, balance is being restored to the Yin and the Yang, but will you recognize it happening?  Probably not, that would interfere with evolution, wouldn’t it?

Reply to GrooveDoctor77

What, you didn’t feel the transition?  One occurred, can’t be proven can only be felt. Time has accelerated and all measurements of time have been adjusted by the transition that occurred on that date to expose no change has occurred.  We are heading to a big bang in consciousness.  However, time viewing, and travel has been suspended.  All that happens in the next few years will be improv, because almost everyone who thought they controlled the future suddenly realize that they are at the point in the future they controlled from the past but can’t see any further future, and can’t go back.

Reply to TheseEyesGod

Yes, and that is exactly what’s happening. Everything will look the same but the future it grows in will determine what level of vibration is achieved during the transition. It is time to be careful what you wish for because wishes are being granted, it is the nature of the transition. Of course this is just my speculation and except for faith, my supposition cannot be proven.

Comment I posted to the interview at 1:17:09

Yes, it was a grand psyops wasn’t it?  But, it’s not over yet.  They weren’t gray either.  They were more like what the blending of red, white, black and yellow, would be in complexion.  Did they have help from alien allies?  Of course they did.   Don’t ask me to prove it, proving it would change the timeline.  Besides it is all only my metaphysical supposition of what has occurred over the past 36 years not the truth of what has happen.  Truth is in the eye of the beholder else psyops doesn’t work.