My 2 Cents worth – ‘Consciousness and a world asleep’

by jlkgreystone

“Venal little minds scream: I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW.”  John Rappaport


Yes venal little minds do scream, but what they really scream is “I already know everything there is to know I want to know about.”  Everyone in the end is open to persuasion by corrupt means because corruption is so prevalent it has become the norm and not the exception.  Corruption is no longer an objective supposition; it has become subjective and is defined by the eye of the beholder as it is not something they would do.

 Nothing will change until we realize the world has become so corrupt it is like the Sodom and Gomorrah of dogmatic idiom.  If anything the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a warning of what to look for in a successful society to demonstrate its success comes from corruption, not moral fortitude. Humanity has to embrace this truth before it can shake off the lies that shape the form of its corruption, for in truth humanity will always have its corruption. It is the nature of our existence.  The challenge of nobility as a species is to shape the corruption to a form where it has little effect on the society it exists in.

Economically speaking, corruption should be more like supplemental income, rather than primary source of wealth.  Vice laws exists to perpetuate the current form of the corruption which has become a primary source of wealth and power for many of the powers that be.  Eliminate vice laws and witness how fast corruption contracts to a less formable form. 

When there are laws against vice then only those who are above the consequence of laws can enjoy that corruption with impunity.  When there are no laws against common human vices like gambling, prostitution, and drugs, there is no corruption by definition of law; then everyone then must stand on the merits of their actions, not the shields their power, position and Intel provides them.  How many people really would be standing shoulder to backpack with the psychopaths trying to conquer this world if their particular vice had not been recorded on audio and video?

No matter how humanity looks at the leaders, who some would call jackals,  that operate the world in the public eye, on instructions in the eye of the public figure from those jackals that operate them from the shadows, away from the public eye, they do represent the human race, they represent us to the eyes of the universal matrix observe ring our evolution. But, most of all they represent us and what we purposively believe in to be right and just.

“What is called mind control is everything a person does to himself to curtail and develop amnesia about the vast adventure.”

John Rappaport