My 2 Cents Worth – ‘The Law of Attraction is the New Age version of the Surveillance State’

by jlkgreystone

“The so-called law of attraction: like attracts like.

 If you’re thinking about good outcomes, that’s what you get. If you’re thinking about negative outcomes, you get those. Positive thoughts=positive things happen for you. Negative thoughts=negative things happen for you.”

“A few New Age prophets even go so far as this: we’re entering a whole new era, in which whatever you think will instantly manifest itself in the world; therefore, negative thoughts are dangerous; only those people who have purified themselves to the point where they’re exclusively thinking positive thoughts will make it through into paradise. The rest will be left behind to suffer.”

 John Rappaport

So, if we think negative thoughts about the powers that be, and positive thoughts for ourselves about what it would be like without the powers that be, will that cause positive things to happen for us, who are not the powers that be, and negative things for those who be the powers?

 Maybe that is why the New Age prophets, and the prophets of the New Age from the past, before the current New Age, don’t want us to have negative thoughts about those who suppress and exploit us, because it will have positive outcomes for us and negative out comes for the suppressing exploiters?  That would shut down a whole lot of dogmatic idioms now wouldn’t that?

If we exist in a matrix, and if we are the ones whom ultimately control its direction, then in McLuhan fashion isn’t the NSA an extension of ourselves?  Society is so afraid of itself it has caused the matrix to extend itself into the NSA, et,el, to protect society?  I like to think of the as the National Surveillance Administration and umbrella organization.  The ultimate New Age prophets working to help us all purify our thoughts.  “Please state the nature of the problem; we are here to help you.  Have you meditated on positive thoughts today?”

Yes, we are entering a new era just like the New Age prophets proclaim, but not quite the same new era they are wishing to enter.  They can hijack the one they promote if they want, it is not a valid era, it makes no provisions for balance. The New Age dogma is an obvious attempt to hijack the New Age.

It may sound like New Age gibberish, but there is power in the equations about ‘thoughts’, and harnessing that power is what it is all about.  Once that power is harnessed the matrix will return to balance.  Balance of what, remains to be revealed.

 We could continue in the current balance, the balance of two evils, one promoting the other for self gratification, or we could move forward into a balance between good and evil where there really is a choice.  And, the choices you make reveal the true character of your person.

 Only thoughts will get us there; bullets might help, but bullet usually only prolong the misery, and they that are powerful already have a corner on misery?  Why make their stranglehold tighter with the blood of yourself or others?  Why try to corner the misery they’ve created with misery you afflict on your own, for revenge?  The only reason revenge is a dish best served cold is because becoming cold takes time and removes the passion from the equation for revenge transforming revenge into justice instead, by revealing the true nature of the injustice you for revenge seek.

 If you’re going to show the people a light for profit and control, don’t show them the light that lets them see through you, because given time they will, and they are seeing now and that what is frightening these abhorrence’s of the matrix, they’ve shown us the wrong light, and people are waking up, albeit slowly.  That is why my daily meditations on thoughts are very strongly negative towards those who would grant me security for liberty, and positive what liberty would be like without them.  Try, if enough people stop trying to be pure, embrace their corruption and use it as a weapon against the corrupted, then corruption just might be contained and thoughts once again becoming free.  The pitfall to avoid with such power unleashed is becoming the monster you replaced.

“The primary action of consciousness is CREATING. In that effort, if all the sputters play any role at all, it’s to be transmuted into raw fuel for the fire.”

Jon Rappoport