My 2 Cents – Cyber hacks, False flag attacks & MSM talking Butt cracks

by jlkgreystone



I recommend this character video, very illuminating.  Must be why he’s plagued by lurkers.

Here’s my 2 cents worth of thought I contribute to his message.

I ain’t no senators son, and not among the fortunate ones, so when the grid goes out, all I can do is sit around waiting for the FEMA man to shout, “I am from the government I am here to help, take only what you need, leave the rest inside, and come with us for a blacken window bus ride.”

I’m still praying for that meteor the size of Columbus Oh to hit that prime real estate just south of Tel Aviv and defuse the situation, but it is more than likely the Russian, Chinese, or hey even faux Americans will be hitting Columbus OH first.  Seems acts of God are never there in the really big game changer situations.  But, I can hope.

What happens if the false flag is hijacked by the real hackers and a massive redistribution of wealth occurs where no electronic or paper trail evidence remains to undistributed what went out? Not only was it redistributed, but is applied to all the existing electronic debt in the world.  One thing is for certain, there would be no war in the near future.  Yesterday Rockefeller was king of the world, today he’s in foreclose,  tomorrow under investigation for Un American Activities.  Maybe when it’s all over ole David might not be able to prove he is David. 

What if the matrix has already been hijacked and fellows like David only think they are in control?  Stranger and grander things have happen before, they can happen again.