Fitzhenrymac replied to your comment on John Pilger – From Hiroshima to Syria, the enemy whose name we dare not speak

by jlkgreystone

Some times the ease of communication is more complicated than this old mind can comprehend.  This is my response to your reply to my response to your initial reply to my question, “I do not understand?”

Now I understand.  You see although I am an American, I am just a common laborer and when I said ‘there are no good guys in Syria…”  I was not including my fellow common laborers living in Syria in the mix.  While we may not have the same God, or believe the same truths, we have brotherhood because we are all ‘common laborers’, in the eyes of some who only think of us as chattel.  There are many, many good guys in Syria, only they are caught between the players, and are suffering from that tyranny of both.  Assad had the opportunity to be the good guy and undo the Draconian policies of his father when the good guys first approached him.  Instead he chose to walk in the footsteps of his father.

  I do not wear a white hat, mine is kind of gray, and I don’t want to be your local law enforcement officer.  For one thing I am not Syrian; and only Syrians can determine the law, order and justice they need for the atrocities that have been carried out upon them, by their fellow Syrians and their foreign supporters.

It is naïve to think the world is not in a social Darwinist mode of evolution, because those who think of us as chattel and mark us with our nationalistic and dogmatic brands, believe they are evolving and we only exist to serve that evolution.  Just because Darwin would have nothing to do with it, doesn’t mean Bérnays didn’t use it to make a few talents of gold and teach for profit the ‘secret’ to those who are profiting from these tensions today.  It really is us or them.  Not you or I, us who labor the world, but those who profit most from our labors and us.

Again it is naïve to believe that all humanity is not blood and claw, only Americans are in such a state of existence.  The Russian, Chinese and American governments have one thing in common; they are financed by the same bankers playing the middle against the ends.  All claws are bloodied.  You and I, we are the fodder that makes those ends profitable.  Our governments do not represent our common goals, there is no profit in it, if you catch my drift?

I hope in my common laborer way I’ve clarified what I meant.  A war is coming, has nothing to do with dogma, nationalism, or God; it is all about business.  I live in one of those areas in the world where the technology is obsolete and the majority of the people are innocent, uneducated, ignorant and our population out strips our immediate resources.  We will not be here long once the first kick-off cruise missile from any of the superpowers is launched anywhere in the Middle-East or Eurasia. The United States is not the only Super Power in play in the desert.  So chose your sides carefully, because I bet if you don’t, I’ll be meeting you on the other side of this reality sooner than either of us think.  Even if I don’t meant you soon it doesn’t mean your choice brought you to any promise land of any kind.

Peace, progress and prosperity for everyone, we are not chattel!   Not all is lost yet.