My 2 Cents Worth – “What concerns all of us at this time

by jlkgreystone

jlkgreystone - a common laborer

by Jon Rappoport

My 2 Cents Worth

There is a significant portion of the population that wants to exist in the hive mind.  They find security and success feeling as one connected to others, while being alone, but working together towards a common goal.  “OM” has been replaced by “BHAA”.  The reasons for this are complex and simple at the same time

If you want to discover the simple reasons things are as they are, begin with a ditty of an idea in book form titled “Beyond Freedom and Dignity”, by B.F. Skinner, an exposé to the layman about what foundations were being laid for the new and improved society to come from Behavioralism, and Behavior Modification therapy.  Then watch the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, or read the book of the same name written by Anthony Burgess.  Follow that up with how well Behavioralism worked out in Skinner’s personal…

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