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My 2 Cents Worth – ‘The Law of Attraction is the New Age version of the Surveillance State’


“The so-called law of attraction: like attracts like.

 If you’re thinking about good outcomes, that’s what you get. If you’re thinking about negative outcomes, you get those. Positive thoughts=positive things happen for you. Negative thoughts=negative things happen for you.”

“A few New Age prophets even go so far as this: we’re entering a whole new era, in which whatever you think will instantly manifest itself in the world; therefore, negative thoughts are dangerous; only those people who have purified themselves to the point where they’re exclusively thinking positive thoughts will make it through into paradise. The rest will be left behind to suffer.”

 John Rappaport

So, if we think negative thoughts about the powers that be, and positive thoughts for ourselves about what it would be like without the powers that be, will that cause positive things to happen for us, who are not the powers that be, and negative things for those who be the powers?

 Maybe that is why the New Age prophets, and the prophets of the New Age from the past, before the current New Age, don’t want us to have negative thoughts about those who suppress and exploit us, because it will have positive outcomes for us and negative out comes for the suppressing exploiters?  That would shut down a whole lot of dogmatic idioms now wouldn’t that?

If we exist in a matrix, and if we are the ones whom ultimately control its direction, then in McLuhan fashion isn’t the NSA an extension of ourselves?  Society is so afraid of itself it has caused the matrix to extend itself into the NSA, et,el, to protect society?  I like to think of the as the National Surveillance Administration and umbrella organization.  The ultimate New Age prophets working to help us all purify our thoughts.  “Please state the nature of the problem; we are here to help you.  Have you meditated on positive thoughts today?”

Yes, we are entering a new era just like the New Age prophets proclaim, but not quite the same new era they are wishing to enter.  They can hijack the one they promote if they want, it is not a valid era, it makes no provisions for balance. The New Age dogma is an obvious attempt to hijack the New Age.

It may sound like New Age gibberish, but there is power in the equations about ‘thoughts’, and harnessing that power is what it is all about.  Once that power is harnessed the matrix will return to balance.  Balance of what, remains to be revealed.

 We could continue in the current balance, the balance of two evils, one promoting the other for self gratification, or we could move forward into a balance between good and evil where there really is a choice.  And, the choices you make reveal the true character of your person.

 Only thoughts will get us there; bullets might help, but bullet usually only prolong the misery, and they that are powerful already have a corner on misery?  Why make their stranglehold tighter with the blood of yourself or others?  Why try to corner the misery they’ve created with misery you afflict on your own, for revenge?  The only reason revenge is a dish best served cold is because becoming cold takes time and removes the passion from the equation for revenge transforming revenge into justice instead, by revealing the true nature of the injustice you for revenge seek.

 If you’re going to show the people a light for profit and control, don’t show them the light that lets them see through you, because given time they will, and they are seeing now and that what is frightening these abhorrence’s of the matrix, they’ve shown us the wrong light, and people are waking up, albeit slowly.  That is why my daily meditations on thoughts are very strongly negative towards those who would grant me security for liberty, and positive what liberty would be like without them.  Try, if enough people stop trying to be pure, embrace their corruption and use it as a weapon against the corrupted, then corruption just might be contained and thoughts once again becoming free.  The pitfall to avoid with such power unleashed is becoming the monster you replaced.

“The primary action of consciousness is CREATING. In that effort, if all the sputters play any role at all, it’s to be transmuted into raw fuel for the fire.”

Jon Rappoport


My 2 Cents worth – ‘Consciousness and a world asleep’


“Venal little minds scream: I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW.”  John Rappaport


Yes venal little minds do scream, but what they really scream is “I already know everything there is to know I want to know about.”  Everyone in the end is open to persuasion by corrupt means because corruption is so prevalent it has become the norm and not the exception.  Corruption is no longer an objective supposition; it has become subjective and is defined by the eye of the beholder as it is not something they would do.

 Nothing will change until we realize the world has become so corrupt it is like the Sodom and Gomorrah of dogmatic idiom.  If anything the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a warning of what to look for in a successful society to demonstrate its success comes from corruption, not moral fortitude. Humanity has to embrace this truth before it can shake off the lies that shape the form of its corruption, for in truth humanity will always have its corruption. It is the nature of our existence.  The challenge of nobility as a species is to shape the corruption to a form where it has little effect on the society it exists in.

Economically speaking, corruption should be more like supplemental income, rather than primary source of wealth.  Vice laws exists to perpetuate the current form of the corruption which has become a primary source of wealth and power for many of the powers that be.  Eliminate vice laws and witness how fast corruption contracts to a less formable form. 

When there are laws against vice then only those who are above the consequence of laws can enjoy that corruption with impunity.  When there are no laws against common human vices like gambling, prostitution, and drugs, there is no corruption by definition of law; then everyone then must stand on the merits of their actions, not the shields their power, position and Intel provides them.  How many people really would be standing shoulder to backpack with the psychopaths trying to conquer this world if their particular vice had not been recorded on audio and video?

No matter how humanity looks at the leaders, who some would call jackals,  that operate the world in the public eye, on instructions in the eye of the public figure from those jackals that operate them from the shadows, away from the public eye, they do represent the human race, they represent us to the eyes of the universal matrix observe ring our evolution. But, most of all they represent us and what we purposively believe in to be right and just.

“What is called mind control is everything a person does to himself to curtail and develop amnesia about the vast adventure.”

John Rappaport

Alert: YouTube Removing All Video Responses


A picture is worth a 1000 words.”  One hundred pictures are worth 100,000 words.  How many words is a frame of video or film worth?  This is part of the means by which this matrix we live in is ending self education that is leading to awakening; it is also a prelude to war where there will be a need to control the flow and linking of information.

To shut off the video linking of moving pictures into moving words of like minds, the neurotransmitter’s pathways extended by technology are being splintered in the matrix.  Growing is an addiction so turning off the means by which individuals are growing is like making them go cold turkey; and the matrix is responding to the fear being generated by minds that follow the video links, which are not yet ready to awaken.   It is generating a lot of negative energy by petting the fear of those who see there is much to fear from that which we’ve created and who not yet awaken feel there is nothing they can do to change the outcome. 

We create the matrix now. This is what those who believe they own the future want you not to know, ownership of the matrix has switched hands, or at the very least is in the transition of switching.  Now is the time that the losers via for a piece of the action and they need the consent of the people to take it.  I say if you are awake, then without throwing darkness withhold your consent.

2012-13 Catastrophic or Positive Future Timeline with Alfred Lambremont Werbe


Comments I Posted To The Video

 Annunaki bloodlines, if they exist, are they all evil bound and determined to establish a catastrophic timeline? Let’s speculate that not all descendents of ancient bloodlines are wedded to the catastrophic timeline. Let us further speculate that for the most part they are common laborers, part of the surplus people, sleeper cells in plain view.  Finally let us speculate the sleepers have awoken.  Yes, the war is on and the separation is occurring, balance is being restored to the Yin and the Yang, but will you recognize it happening?  Probably not, that would interfere with evolution, wouldn’t it?

Reply to GrooveDoctor77

What, you didn’t feel the transition?  One occurred, can’t be proven can only be felt. Time has accelerated and all measurements of time have been adjusted by the transition that occurred on that date to expose no change has occurred.  We are heading to a big bang in consciousness.  However, time viewing, and travel has been suspended.  All that happens in the next few years will be improv, because almost everyone who thought they controlled the future suddenly realize that they are at the point in the future they controlled from the past but can’t see any further future, and can’t go back.

Reply to TheseEyesGod

Yes, and that is exactly what’s happening. Everything will look the same but the future it grows in will determine what level of vibration is achieved during the transition. It is time to be careful what you wish for because wishes are being granted, it is the nature of the transition. Of course this is just my speculation and except for faith, my supposition cannot be proven.

Comment I posted to the interview at 1:17:09

Yes, it was a grand psyops wasn’t it?  But, it’s not over yet.  They weren’t gray either.  They were more like what the blending of red, white, black and yellow, would be in complexion.  Did they have help from alien allies?  Of course they did.   Don’t ask me to prove it, proving it would change the timeline.  Besides it is all only my metaphysical supposition of what has occurred over the past 36 years not the truth of what has happen.  Truth is in the eye of the beholder else psyops doesn’t work.

Syria, lies exposed, broken paradigms, dead pigs


There has not been enough truth spoken from the summits of power these last 50 years to make any evidence acceptable, except on faith; and I have little faith in the institutions that support the summits of power to provide truth, and not faith, to make evidence from either venue proof of action required to be taken for crossing the ‘red line’. The actions of government, not only the government of The United States of America, no longer represent the will of the people they govern.  Or, do they?

I know I am not alone in these feelings.  You can dumb down a people, but that doesn’t make them stupid, it only makes them uneducated.  Therein is the rub to the matrix; people have been so disillusioned by faith for so long, that they are starting to educate themselves so they can sort out the spin and the outright lies from the truth that actually supports the evidence.  This under reported phenomenon among the sheeple has nearly punched a hole into the matrix.  The solution of the matrix is to shut off the ability of people to self education.  How will the matrix do this? By destroying the systems that provides the support necessary to allow a people to self educate and this done by fiat wars in strategic locations.  Fiat wars that will lead to a catastrophic disruption of energy resources that supports the grid that maintains the sources of self education while at the same time dealing a death blow to extremism.

This catastrophic disruption will put an end to the clamoring of Jewish, Christian and Islamic fundamentalist and their followers whose ramblings on about a better world to come after the Armageddon discover that God had nothing to do with the destruction that occurs in the aftermath of Syria beings bombed, too many ideologies clashing in one place, too much face to save by governments that no longer represent their people.  When neither Emanuel, Jesus, the 12th Al-Mahdi, nor the great space alien brotherhood come to save us from ourselves and usher in a 1000 years of peace, progress, and prosperity for all that were saved there will be a ‘great awakening’.  None will be ‘saved’ but there will be survivors, the matrix needs us and the survivors will come to realize we did it, it was our Armageddon. Because ultimately we control the matrix, the matrix does what we really want it to do and the matrix believes we want a new world order.  The truth is, we do, we are just not sure what order it is we want.

While I do not subscribe too much of the New Age thinking, it did have at least one unintended consequence, it sent some people on a truth quest, more people than suspected would actually journey the paths to enlightenment.  What does that mean in the grand scheme of things?  This is like a self replicating virus to the matrix so only time will tell.  It may make the difference between chaotic order, ordered chaos, or balance in the next generation of the matrix we create and live in.

Random Musings About the Mundane


Thank you water, for without you there would be no beer.  Thank you Divine Essences’, for without you there would be no water. 

The original ‘I Have No Regrets” was lost to a mixture of obsolete technology namely a Dell E520 Series computer with a fickle ADM video processor, cultural differences, and language barriers assisted by a Windows 8 Pro installation.  What a deal only $39.99 plus shipping and handling.  All it cost me in terms of memories was the last three years of my life in writings and pictures; then again maybe the last three years of my life was only worth $39.99 plus shipping and handling.  Maybe god used Microsoft to erase some bad pictures and writings of mine that would have been embarrassing to me, or friends and family somewhere down the path to life’s completion.

 Gotta admit, I like Windows 8 Pro so far, there are a few time consuming matters I’m not particularly fond of, including the lost of so much that was worth more than $39.99 to me, but over all does liking Window’s 8 after all that make me a psychopath?  That is the real question, because I like what for a brief moment I hated and blamed everything else in the world after blaming myself unabashedly for the lost of so much for so little a cost in terms of currency.  After the first blast of controlled obscenity the cat hid for the day and the red head split; missing having a home cooked dinner with the red head was another cost to the price of advancing technology.  Good thing Bill Gates wasn’t a neighbor.  There might have been some real headline news on MSNBC about a recall of Window’s 8 Pro do to unforeseen security flaws like the kind of headlines that read “Dog Shit On Hayride Last Straw, Neighbor Shots Competing Hayride Operating Neighbor.”

Oh well, life marches on as they say around here, perhaps I can recreate some writings but digital captures of moment in time that photos represent are now lost to time forever and the storage areas of my mind, which is fading like an old Kodak Chrome printed picture.


Mine is a story often told but seldom documented.  You usually hear this story from a lonely looking individual whose has become too acquainted with a bar stool in a local dive to have any real friends. A seat in the middle where memories flow, and little is ever remember by those who hear the echoes of someone’s yesterday’s nightmares or dreams and visions of tomorrow morning.

I don’t frequent the bars anymore, because I’ve run out of people who’ll listen to me after I’ve drank enough to tear down the blocks in my mind that keep me from talking.  My tales are too fantastic, and are attributed to a ‘troubled’ and ‘delusional’ mind.  No, instead I stay at home and drink cheaply while sitting in my own bar stool choice, and talk to myself; you see I’m the only one who’ll listen to me anymore.

There are many things occurring in the world today, most are tragic and preventable, few celebrate the glory of humanity in the creation of the divine, the majority of events celebrate the inglorious exploits of our celebrity leaders from religions to sports, sports to politics and war, then back again to celebrity.  And, the defenders of freedom, the ‘Free Press’ celebrate the celebrity and feed it all to us slanted ever so slightly so the truly dumber down could understand ‘reality’ as it is 24/7.  Except lately its been more in your face blatant. And with an exception of perhaps 2% of the population we have all been dumber down.  And, .25% of the 2% think they are ordained by God to be as they are and to keep what is taken.

The rush and infusion of all these audio-visual stimulations surrounding us today reminds me of the scene where Alex, the protagonist, is treated for his ultra-violence tendencies in “A Clockwork Orange.”  While the treatment did not work for Alex because he was a true and pure psychopath it did work for the masses, and today, unless called upon by God and Country, we are Alex cured; we are  individuals vicariously experiencing violence without the bloody mess and carnage and we feel fine.  We are so fragilely fine with the good feelings that we dare not hear disturbing speculation about what can never happen actually happening.  But, subtlety is everything isn’t it Edward Béarnaise?

I suppose by now as the WYFI grid has grown, turning off the television will have little effect on the outcome of the conclusions anymore.  We all vibrate at some frequency and WYFI slices though those frequencies broadly; WYFI not just for telephones and computers, dummy.  “



The majority thought rules, has always ruled and will always rule society; even if the majority believes that each individual must be awake and responsible on an individual basis for the consequences of their actions, it is the majority thought that rules.  Unfortunately today the world is not ruled by the majority thought; it is not even ruled by a consensus of thought from the majority.  It is ruled by a hierarchy of thought that creates the consensus in the majority for political and economic reasons, or better put, greed and power for a few at the expense of the many.  As one of humanity’s nemesis from the last century said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” It works and why does this work?  Because my friend it is easier to die happy in the service of the lie then to be executed by majority consensus for knowing the lie to be what it is.  The only way to change this is to be willing to die for what you believe is the truth; and isn’t it funny that the only way to maintain the status quo is to be willing to die for what you believe is the truth?  It would seem we are captured, coming and going by a hierarchy that creates the ‘lie’.  Fortunately there are human beings who do find it a better lived life to be executed by the majority consensus for knowing the lie to be what it is and take their chances on there being a higher order of things beyond this reality. Because of them there is hope in us.  Therein lies the rub that irritates the elite and they have yet found a way that eradicates that type of individual from society.






The true powers that be, are ordained by God, but not all powers that be are ordained; and that’s where I think the Christians got it wrong and took it out of a content of words now lost to translation that would reveal a different context.  But of course, that is only my opinion and take on things.

One of the true powers ordained by God is free will.  While we have free will as a power ordained by God, we never exercise it freely.  We never exercise freely because we are forever offered only two choices, white or black, good or evil, fear or love, hate or justice.  How can it be ‘free will’ the choices we make when the only choices are either, or?

In my reality, truth and knowledge are gray; my religion is gray.  I have learned that to exercise the power of free will I must suppress the passions that are generated by the arguments of black and white. This is one of the tenets of my religion for one, and it is also the stuck door that jams the way to my awaking.  That is why I think that as a species we find it better to die in service of the lie then to die by embracing the lie and revealing it for what it is, because such death is a sad and lonely one, just ask Jesus Christ. 

I do believe it will take a cosmic coincidence leading to a global calamity that cause us all to look twice before embracing the mind speak of the ‘powers ordained by god’ again; that is if we survive the current ordeal.  These aristocrats paint the reality for us with pixels of emptiness devoid of truth or clarity, and then fill us with this ‘truth of reality’ created by what is called main stream media.  Not a very noble aristocratic act is it?  What god ordained these 21st century aristocrats?

Everywhere we look or listen, touch, taste, or smell, is manipulated to perpetuate consumption therefore, our acceptance of it as ‘reality’ cannot be construed as a ‘free will choice’.  We are not locus.  Nevertheless, responsibility remains on us individually to merge the black and white into gray there by seeing the light.  Those who choose not to accept that responsibility, or can’t will do it all over again, perhaps in a different way and achieve a better out come next time around.   This awakening happens every 26,000 years, right, or in reality is a daily affaire?  I think the latter be more true than the former when it comes to individual awakening.

The light will not be found in the light. Jesus said something like that in one of his parables.  It is time to call off the search for light in all the lit places and enter the dark courtyard square to challenge the ‘ordained light’ to reveal its darkness.  I think, once there I will lift the basket off the lamp to free the light, and in appreciation, the light will reveal a key that will open a door in this house  built by M.C. Escher we call reality. It will be a door to a hallway that leads to rooms of new experiences on the way to awakening.  But, could you please tell me in which direction the foyer to the courtyard square lies?


It would appear resistance is futile.  Unless you are naturally immune to mind control, becoming mind controlled is an inevitable consequence of having been born during in the last 67 years.   And if you are immune to mind control then you can rest assured that somewhere there is a logarithm figuring out your where abouts so when the time arrives to declare victory they can send an armored limo for your ride to the train station where your box car accommodations awaits you.  But, then again maybe there is a switch that the mind overloads aren’t aware of, one where once flipped reinforces the idea that even the best laid plans of mice and men fail; and assume the ‘opposition’ which they also don’t know exist,  controls the location of the switch.  It is still paramount upon us all that we take responsibility for the world around us and see with open eyes why the crumbling of the illusion around us, is not one to fear.  There is always pain in birth, and if this birth is natural there will be pain.  The civilization is dead! Long live the civilization!



Did the magic mushroom create the Illuminati?  If there is such a thing as an Illuminati bloodline, and if they do have an agenda, then this bloodline has existed for many millennium and they have artificially constructed their DNA hierarchy, which speaking in an evolutionary sense, makes it a flawed hierarchy.   Did they become as they are because of too many bad trips?  In my opinion they most certainly have changed the matrix from a pleasant growing experience into a bad trip making many wonder why they were ever born.

 But even if I did believe there were Illuminati I could not bring myself to believe that there is only one breed or bloodline of Illuminati.  Nature doesn’t discriminate; it balances although its methods of balance can sometimes be confused with discrimination.  There must be a natural ‘Illuminated’ in completion with the artificial Illuminati for control of the agenda unveiling before us.  Or, in my opinion there could be no balance to reality if there were not a naturally evolving Illuminated bloodline.  There could be no hope for humanity without the assistance of aliens, gods or mushrooms to ever overcome our ‘masters’ because we have become the new world order’s deltas’ drones artificially genetically manipulated consumers.

However I think a new order of the ages is inevitable and should not be feared.  It is long overdue that humanity should live in peace, progress and prosperity with each other in a world with no borders, but not as serfs of consumption; a world that guarantees through constitution and law our Divinely endowed rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, regardless of race, creed or color that were granted when something or someone went bang and kicked off the universe. 

No it is not the new order of the ages that is coming that causes me concern, it is which illuminated bloodline will rule it.  Will it be the flawed artificially created Illuminati born of bad trips from mushrooms or the naturally created Illuminated the mushrooms favored?  A natural Illuminated would be an inevitable event if there were any truth to evolutionary theory.  It is my opinion that if only the human genetically manipulated Illuminati exist, then all humanity has to look forward to is the continued destruction of the world in the interests of inbreeds kings, the gods they worship, and our continuing sacrifice for god and country with our blood in defense of the ‘king’.

We are more than that; I know we are, but will we ever collectively believe it without the crutch of god, king or mushroom to lean on?  I hope so.  The old order is dead! Long live the new order!

I call myself J…

I call myself JLKGreystone – a common laborer, because greystones are common in the world as are laborers.  I have been a ‘truth seeker’ for over 35 years; ever since the day I saw the matrix briefly unveiled.  Of course my doctors called it a psychotic break, a ‘nervous breakdown, and what I saw was a hallucination, but once you’ve seen something real or imagined it nevertheless imprints itself onto your memory and you never forget it, that is unless it really was a psychotic break in which case you can never remember it.  All I can say for sure is I’ve never forgotten it and since observing it I’ve pursued an answer that I can’t quiet put in a question, as if there is a block from realization of the question in my mind and the ability to place it in type or word.  Reading provides key components to the formation of the proper question so I thought I might wander this path for a while to see how complete the answer becomes and if it is reflected in what I write.

For the record I am just a common laborer with a haphazard, self taught, college inspired classical western education who read mostly comic books when growing up and all the library books assigned for summer reading.  I guess that dates me doesn’t it?  I always talked about what I read and made conclusions about the validity of the enlightenment and entertainment provide by what I read.  My grandmother would tell me, “You know what your problem is JLKGreystone, you think too much.”  People who like me tell me I talk too much about what I think.  People who don’t like me tell me to shut up.  All of them of course are like me, a common laborer.   Nevertheless I don’t expect to have much traffic here for this is just a place where I post my random thoughts about what I have read.  I guess it is okay for you to tell me I think too much, and talk about what I think too much, and of course to shut up, that is the nature of public discourse; and to the best of my knowledge this is a place for public discourse.  Of course for the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon and reads what I post here I intend to include the link to what I’ve read that inspired the random thought just in case you want to see if I’m opinionating or ranting.  Contrary to the theme of the blog no great manifest on anything will come from me.  For me, ‘manifest’ implies an objective truth to appear or be revealed in a sense I can relate to and recognized as a ‘truth’, knowing full well all ‘truth’ is subjective and in the end only a matter of faith exclusively.